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Attic Conversions Naas

Attic Conversions Naas

Clive Humphreys Construction are one of Ireland’s most experienced and trusted attic conversion specialists. We offer complete attic conversions in Naas. From the ground up we design, install and finish quality attics.
Attic’s remain a hugely underutilised space inside homes. The possibilities when converting an attic space are nearly endless. Looking for an extra bedroom, more living space, a home gym or a home office? An attic can provide the additional space you need.
At Clive Humphreys Construction we have designed and developed attic remodels for a variety of purposes. What’s more by taking advantage of our long-standing professional relationships with building material suppliers, and our efficient management systems we can offer attic conversions at a competitive price point.

For additional information on our Attic Conversions in Naas, please contact our Kildare offices.

The Advantages of Attic Conversions

Extra Living Space
An attic conversion allows a person to take full advantage of the space already in their home. We can fully customise the attic to be used for just about anything.


No Need For Planning Permission
Unlike a ground floor extension, in most cases, you don’t need planning permission for an attic conversion. Allowing you, the homeowner, to avoid any paperwork headaches.


Compared to a ground floor extension, attic conversions are a much more economically friendly way to add extra living space to your property.

For a free quote on a Naas attic extension, get in contact with Clive Humphreys Construction today.

Attic Conversions Naas FAQ

In Naas, how much does an attic conversion cost?

This depends on numerous factors including the size of the attic and the complexity of the build. Clive Humphreys Construction can offer a free customised attic conversion quote.

Will a finished attic add value to my property?

While you won’t be able to advertise your converted attic as an extra room if it falls below certain defined height restrictions, a converted attic can still be an attractive feature that may increase the overall value of your home.

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