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Clive Humphreys Construction specialises creating and constructing home extensions throughout Kildare and Dublin. For over a decade, we have been providing superior services to all our valued domestic customers, ensuring to endeavour to do all we can to take care of their construction needs.

Clive Humphreys Construction offers Home Extensions services across Kildare and Dublin. Call us directly for more details.

Extensions Kildare & Extensions Dublin 

A home extension is a fantastic way to add valuable and functional living space to your home. At Clive Humphreys Construction we can build the perfect extension for you and your family.

Our team of experienced professionals will handle your extension construction from beginning to end, and fully kit out your new space to match your requirements. We work closely with all of our customers to design a space that they will love and use for years to come. Clive Humphreys Construction has a wealth of experience construction both single story and two story extensions. Satisfaction is guaranteed with Clive Humphreys Construction and our expert team ensures all of your needs and expectations will be met throughout the entire build.

Extensions Kildare and Extensions Dublin

We offer a complete turnkey extension service, and everything from the initial design to the final touches will be looked after by our highly skilled team. We will be with you every step of the way to offer advice and we will always provide regular updates on the progress of the build.


Attic Stairs or Ladder









Do I need permission to build and extension?

Planning permission is not always required when building a house extension/

For example, if your extension does not increase your floor area by more than 40 square meters and is not higher that the existing roof you will not need to apply for planning permission. If you opt for a two story house extension then you may need to apply for planning permissions. 

There are many regulations around planning permission. Make sure you speak to your local council before starting any house extension project. 

Should I get a two-story extension?

Two-story house extension are becoming increasingly popular and can be a great addition to your home. However, they are not always necessary and are more expensive than a standard home extension. 

Before deciding on a two-story house etxension you should consider the available space you have for the extension, the intended use, the cost, and if there are any other benefits.

Will an extension add value to my home?

In most cases, yes an extension will add value to your home. The more space and room you have available the more your property is worth on the market. 

Before you begin the build it is worth seeing what your property is valued at both without and with a home extension and use this to determine the additional value an extension cam give. 

Can my neighbour stop my home extension?

If your home extension does  and does not require planning permission, then no, a neighbor cannot prevent the build, even if they wanted to.

If you have had to apply for planning permission then your neighbour can object to the build. They will be asked for their objections and this will be reviewed. It should be noted that Even if a neighbour does puts in an objection it does not mean that your application will be automatically rejected.

For excellent customer service and a high quality build, call Clive Humphreys Construction Today

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