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Here at Clive Humphreys Construction, we specialise in home conversions throughout Kildare and Dublin. For over a decade, we have been providing superior services to all our valued domestic customers, ensuring to endeavour to do all we can to take care of their construction needs.

Clive Humphreys Construction offers Home Conversion services across Kildare and Dublin. Call our team to hear more details.

Conversions Kildare & Conversions Dublin 

An attic conversion is a fantastic way to add valuable and functional living space to your home. At Clive Humphreys Construction we can convert your attic to suit a range of different purposes.

Our team of experienced professionals will handle your conversion from beginning to end, and fully kit out your new space to match your requirements. We work closely with all of our customers to design a space that they will love and use for years to come. Satisfaction is guaranteed with Clive Humphreys Construction and our expert team ensures all of your needs and expectations will be met throughout the entire build.

Conversions Kildare and Conversions Dublin

We offer a complete turnkey conversion service, and from design to the final touches our team members are on hand every step of the way,


Attic Stairs or Ladder









Do I need permission to build an attic conversion?

Planning permission is not required for standard attic conversions where all work is carried out in the existing structural space. If want to change the structure of the roof, by adding height, building a bay window, etc., then planning permission may be required. 

Can a neighbour stop my attic conversion?

Your neighbour may not even be aware that you are converting your attic. If your are building a straightforward attic conversion does not need planning permission then no your neighbor cannot stop it as all work is being carried out i your home and does not affect them in anyway.

Should I get an attic conversion or garage conversion?

This depends entirely on your personal preference. Some people may only have the option for one or the other, but if you have both an attic and a garage then you should consider the function of the conversion, what the new space will be used for and the cost of each. 

Will an conversion add value to my home?

In most cases, yes a conversion will add value to your home. Depending o how the conversion is built, you may not be able to advertise an additional room, but advertising a converted attic or a converted garage should still increase the value of the building. 

For excellent customer service and a high quality build, call Clive Humphreys Construction today

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