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House Renovation Kildare

Construction Services

Clive Humphreys Construction offer clients the highest standard house renovations in Kildare. We remain the company of choice for house remodels. As a complete turnkey service, every aspect of the home renovation – from the design to the installation of components – is handled by our extensive in-house team. For the peace of mind of our customers, we work in close collaboration with clients to design elegant and modern renovations that capture the client’s unique sense of interior design. Looking for the house of your dreams that incorporates all modern conveniences? Please contact our team today. We design and install everything to fully modernise your home’s interior.

To discuss a house renovation cost or to begin the house renovation remodel process. Please get in contact with Clive Humphreys Construction today.

Advantages of Hiring Clive Humphreys Construction For Your Kildare House Remodel


We remain one of Kildare’s most experienced house renovation companies. For years we have completed quality house renovations in a variety of styles and in everything from modern builds to protected buildings.



Clive Humphreys Construction are proud to be able to offer a complete turn-key service. We have the resources of a large company coupled with the customer service of a local business. From the design phase to the installation, our team and our experts complete every aspect of the house remodel.


Our efficient management procedures coupled with the expertise of our tradespeople and our long-standing relationships with building suppliers mean we can complete renovations at the best possible price while never compromising on quality or on craftsmanship.

To schedule a consultation with our Kildare house renovation experts, get in contact with Clive Humphreys Construction today.

House Renovation Kildare FAQ

How much does a house renovation cost?

A multitude of factors goes into calculating the cost of a house renovation. As you would expect, the size of the house and how many rooms are in the house will inevitably affect the overall cost. The skills needed to complete the renovation – be they plumbing, electric or carpentry – will also need to be factored into the final quote. For the convenience of our clients, Clive Humphreys Construction provides transparent and detailed quotes that clearly and succinctly explain exactly what they are paying for. To discuss a house renovation cost with our team please call our Naas based offices today.

What are the stages involved in a house renovation?

In the broadest strokes possible the stages involved in a house remodel are:

- Planning
- Budgeting
- Construction
- Clean-up

Clive Humphreys Construction will oversee every stage of the renovation process.

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